WELCOME to Zwemclub ABC!

Learning to swim can be quite exciting for your child; the pool, unfamiliar faces, everything is new. To help your son or daughter process all these impressions, we create a safe environment from the very beginning.

Obtain the one and only Swim ABC diploma with us

In the Netherlands, anyone can offer swimming classes and issue a swimming diploma, as it is not legally regulated. Unfortunately, not all different swimming diplomas always lead to the same National Swimming Safety Standard.

However, we hold the National Swimming Diploma License and undergo independent assessments each year by the National Swimming Safety Council (formerly National Platform Swimming Pools | NRZ). This ensures that, as a parent, you can be certain that the swimming lessons and swimming diploma comply with the most recent quality criteria, laying the foundation for a lifetime of swimming pleasure and safety.
This provides you, as a parent/guardian, with 4 assurances:
Certified and qualified swimming instructors, ensuring your child is in safe hands and enjoys swimming lessons. Our swimming instructors adhere to the Swimming Industry Code of Conduct, possess a Certificate of Conduct (VOG), and continually receive further training.
Your child will receive the National Swimming Diplomas A, B, and C. Obtaining the National Swimming Diploma C means your child meets the National Swimming Safety Standard. These official diplomas are recognized, for example, by the fire brigade, police, and sports training programs for various professions.
The swimming teacher follows a clearly described swimming lesson method, enabling you to choose the best provider for your child. During the swimming classes, you will also be well-informed about your child's progress.
Consistent quality from the swimming teacher, ensured through independent annual inspections and assessment moments during the diploma swimming tests.

A swimming club for everyone.

From 4 years old
Zwemclub ABC offers regular ABC swimming classes for children starting from 4 years old.
Short waiting lists
We maintain short waiting lists, allowing your child to start swimming classes promptly.
NRZ License
Swim Club ABC holds the National Swimming Diploma License. This means we are assessed by the National Swimming Safety Council.
Small groups
Our groups consist of a maximum of 6-8 children per group, ensuring we can provide the necessary personal attention.



Why opt for Zwemclub ABC?

Zwemclub ABC has over 15 years of experience in providing ABC swimming classes for children.
We offer ABC swimming classes, swimming proficiency, snorkeling, survival classes, and private classes to children in a heated pool. Our accredited swimming instructors are always highly motivated and have extensive experience in swim education. Enrollment is possible from the age of 4 years old. We operate at location Amsterdam (de Mirandabad) and Amstelveen.
We adhere to the requirements of the National Swimming Safety Council. The swimming school undergoes annual quality assessments. 
Guaranteed quality
Small groups of 6 - 8 children
Lots of water fun (playful methods)
Student tracking system
Certified instructors
Heated pool
Zwemclub ABC Amstelveen