About us


Who are we?

Zwemclub ABC has over 15 years of experience in providing ABC swimming classes for children.
We offer ABC swimming classes, swimming proficiency, snorkeling, survival lessons, and private lessons to children in a heated pool. Our accredited swimming instructors are always highly motivated and have extensive experience in swim education. Enrollment is possible from the age of 4 years old. 
We adhere to the requirements of the National Swimming Safety Council. The swimming school undergoes annual quality assessments. 
Would you like to know more about the NRZ swim diploma? Visit www.allesoverzwemles.nl for more information.

How do we teach?

Building a bond of trust
is achieved by working in small groups of up to 6-8 children, who receive classes at their own pace from the same swimming instructor (almost always). With our instructors in the water, they can provide better guidance to the children, and your child receives individual attention within a group setting. This way, we build a bond of trust with your child and swim together towards the child's milestone - the first swimming diploma.
Small groups (max. 6-8 children)
Same swimming instructor
Persoonlijk volgsysteem (Easyswim)
Lots of water fun (playful methods)
Heated pool

When is your child swim-safe?

Being swim-safe means that you can "survive in and around water, move and recreate safely, and enjoy the Dutch water culture." Swim safety is determined by your child's water skills, what they are doing, and the circumstances.
Your child is swim-safe if:
They master swimming skills;
They are physically and mentally capable of self-rescue in the water;
Your child has confidence in themselves;
Your child enjoys swimming and feels comfortable and familiar in the water;
In addition, circumstances determine if your child is swim-safe:
• The dynamics of the environment.
• Your child is aware of potential hazards in the environment and knows how to act.

Can my child swim well?

Your child swims regularly in the local swimming pool. You believe they can swim well, and during the vacation, they want to cross a recreational lake. You think it should be doable. However, halfway through the recreational lake, your child stops swimming. The water in the middle of the lake is extremely cold. Muscles stiffen. You have to take action to help your child. But wasn't your child a good swimmer?

In this case, your child proves to be swim-safe in the swimming pool but not in a recreational lake. In the swimming pool, you have a controlled environment, pleasant water temperature, and a manageable distance to the edge. Your child's skills are sufficient in a swimming pool but not enough in a recreational lake. This example shows that there are different levels of swimming proficiency.

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